From inquiry to full build - This is our 7 foot privacy fence installation process

6 easy steps to get your privacy fence


In-person estimate or over the phone

A short phone call or an in-person measurement allows our team to create an electronic sketch of your property with a clear price for our 7 foot privacy fence and a clear simple contract.


Booking your build

Once you are happy with our quote we will send over the official contract for signing through DocuSign (which makes contract signing simple and quick).


Upon signing we organize all the needed 7 foot privacy fence materials from our warehouses and require a deposit to set your installation date in stone


Set up

As we prepare for your job, two weeks ahead of the build, we request and receive utility locates for your property. 


Delivery and build

Time to get started! We deliver all the posts and material to your property for installation. We start the installation process immediately by digging and setting the fence posts. This is when we request the second payment.



When the fence is installed, we review and confirm your satisfaction with the work we’ve done. If there are concerns, we resolve them promptly. Then, with your approval and signoff on your new 7 foot privacy fence, we invoice you for the remaining balance of your contract.

We know you’re busy. We are committed to minimizing disruption for you. Our goal is to complete your job as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, we use a 1.5 Ton Dingo or a bobcat to dig our post holes so it can go through small rocks. When we come across larger rocks, we use a jackhammer to break down and get through or we shift the location of the hole to adjust accordingly. Each difficult hole that requires extra physical labour will be charged an extra $79 as mentioned in the contract.

The frost line in Ottawa is estimated to be around 3-3.5 feet below grade so we make sure to dig down to 4 feet to avoid heaving in the future. Once the post is set, it will not move for at least the next 20 years.

No, the way frost heaving works is the ice will expand under the concrete and will attempt to push it over the surface filling the new gap with dirt and the cycle continues as shown below

Wrong way of setting the concrete when digging for a 7 foot privacy fence post

This is why we expand our holes at the bottom and leave a bit of gap at the top so there is a layer of frozen ice counter acting the force of the ice pushing from under along side the help of the shape making it harder for the post to heave overtime as shown below
Proper way of setting concrete

Now that you have your brand new 7 foot privacy fence, how do you maintain it? The reason we love PVC and the reason it is growing exponentially in popularity is the nearly non-existent need for maintenance. If you do want to wash it, a simple mix of soap and water works great and just rinse it with water afterward (No high-pressure wash).

The Forefront Fencing team is responsible for this service. In fact, we are not permitted to start construction until the markings have been certified. However, customers are responsible for marking out private utility lines such as BBQ, pool gas lines, or irrigation systems.

Our crew will assess if it is appropriate to install the fence or the weather does not permit it. In the later scenario, we will give you a call immediately or leave you a message updating you with the change of plans.

Yes, at Forefront fencing we only source the best quality PVC fences and we ensure they are built to last. Every post has a 2 3/8″ galvanized steel pipe in it and an aluminum rail reinforcement for every bottom rail to protect against sinking.

We currently only offer the city maximum height limit vinyl 7 foot privacy fences. Read more about the benefits of vinyl fencing and why we specialize in this niche and read more about Ottawa fence bylaw.

Yes, all parties involved have the option to have their own contract. This is calculated by our staff and is beneficial when different methods of payment are to be used.

Forefront Fencing offers tiered style discounts for group projects. 1-5, 5-15, 15+ are the metrics we use for group discounts.

Compared to most competitor companies, we do not offer the typical one-year workmanship warranty. Forefront Fencing offers a 2-year warranty on all of our projects.

Removing obstruction from the yard is the customer’s responsibility. We ask that the homeowner relocate all items that might impede us from constructing a fence or deck. These items include barbecues, play structures, patio sets, drain spouts, etc.

A fence can go on the property line only if your neighbour agrees to it. Should your neighbour agree then you should have them send you a written notice of their approval. If your neighbour does not agree to share the fence, your fence must go inside the property line. In this case, we suggest leaving a gap of 6 inches.

The pay schedule and breakdown are provided in every contract. Our accepted methods of payments are Cash, e-transfer, and cheques.

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