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Fences Ottawa restrictions and laws

It is important that you, as a home owner, is fully aware of the by-laws and specifications involved in the construction of your privacy fences Ottawa region. We are knowledgable and can always answer all your questions so feel free to get in touch with us if you still cannot find an answer to your questions from the resources listed below:

Residential Privacy Fences Ottawa height restrictions

One main By-law that we always tend to answer is the height restriction of the fence build for a residential property. Here is the short and exact law that defines all the restrictions:

By-Law No. 2003-462
Section 6
Subject to Section 5,
on residential property no person shall erect a fence or cause a fence to be erected that is higher than;

  • one metre (1 m) in height in a yard, front;
  • Two hundred and thirteen centimetres (213 cm) in height in any yard other than a yard, front.

Section 7
Despite Section 6, in yards, side and yards, rear,

  • gates may exceed the height restrictions by a maximum of thirty centimetres (30 cm);
  • archways forming part of an entrance may exceed the height restrictions to a maximum of two hundred and fifty centimetres (250 cm);
  • decorative caps on structural posts may exceed the height restrictions to a maximum of fifteen centimetres (15 cm).

Marking public utilities

ALWAYS call for all underground utility markings before you dig.

ONTARIO: 1-800-400-2255
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QUEBEC: 1-800-663-9228
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For other areas try the North American One-Call Referral System at 888-258-0808 or try here for more numbers.

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